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The management of the environment is one of PRODIA essential preoccupation at every level of its activity.

The collection of animal by- products and their appreciation is an approach which joins perfectly in a long-lasting management of the environment.

The transformation of these by-products uses and generates no dangerous material which has no incidence on the environment.

In each PRODIA sites the actions are led in favor of the environment.


1) Effluents management.

Site of Saint Amour :

The attention is particularly bear on aqueous rejection and the processing of the air on cooking units.

The water arises mainly from the cooking of by-product (dehydration), the cleaning of the installations and the rainwater in touch with the soiled zones.

The site of Saint Amour consumes annually 85100 m3 of water and throws back 134900 m3.

Before their refusal in the natural environment, these waters undergo some treatment:

Waste water is handled by a water-treatment plant constructed especially on the site with a capacity of 90 000 equivalent-inhabitant.

Rainwater are forwarded in ponds of retention, then in separator of hydrocarbon before being rejected in the natural environment

Smelling gases come from vapors of cooking. The treatment of this used air is made by the harnessing of the ambient air and chemical treatment (passage of gases in rooms where are sprayed smells neutralizing products) then biological (biofilter constituted by vegetable supports loaded with microorganism consuming products smelling and transforming them into molecules


Site of Sainte Florence :

Reconstruction in 2010 of the STEP (water-treatment plant). This STEP answers to the last environmental standards in particular for the rejection of phosphor. A partnership with nearby farmers allows from now on to direct the water after resorting to stations of irrigation to water cultures during summer.


Site of Fleury les Aubrais :

The station of pretreatment of the site of Fleury les Aubrais was reconstructed in 2012.



2) Management of energy and natural resources.

Management of water consumption

A permanent pressure is put on the drinkable water consumption. The most important spending category is the air cooling towers on PRODIA sites. The new site of Fleury-Logistique was equipped with a  dry-cooler, innovative coolers with air that allowing to free  itself from any water consumption and to eliminate any risks of  legionnelle. This system will be displayed according to investment and renewal needs.


Appreciation Energy

On the site of Saint Amour (39), boilers producing the necessary vapor for cooking  units  work partly with animal fats stemming from the chain of processing.

Furthermore, all sites of Prodia were equipped with heat recovery systems on factories refrigeration systems and on air compressors. The warm water necessary for process and for washes is then produced by the recovery energy without any fossil energy consumption and without rejecting CO2.

A campaign of implementation of variators on a big power electric engines, the automated management of the starting up and some powers allowed to decrease for more than 4 %.the consumptions.

The new warehouse of 15 000 m2 storage of Fleury Aubrais (45) site  was equipped with  a strong LED lighting luminosity This lighting consumes  more than three times less electricity than a classic lighting. This lighting system is displayed in the other buildings of the company according to lightings renewals.



3) Perspectives :

An energy balance of each site is scheduled during two coming years. Energy management tools will then be settled that can allow to continuously follow the energy performances. Then piloting programs of the industrial systems will be conceived in order to optimize the energy consumptions. The expected gains are more than 5 % of the current consumptions.