Created in 1998 from the union of the company Martinet SA at Roanne(42) and  on 2004 with MBSA at Fleury les Aubrais (45)  (Cavda, AVPA, PROCO  in 2008), PRODIA is now recognized as one of the major actors for collection  and  appreciation of animal by-products. PRODIA staffs is more than 400 people and collects more than 2000 tons per day.


The successive purchase of several competiting collectors (COVIPAC in 2004, SORHOPRAL in 2005 and CAVDA in 2008) allowed PRODIA to assure its position as leader in the French market for collection in slaughterhouses.  


Thanks to advanced technologies on its sector, PRODIA is present on all animal by-product appreciation markets. (From animal food, pet food, fish farming, biofuels, to transformation of oil chemical to fertilizer…).

This quick rise was made in strict respect of hygiene rules and environmental constraints that PRODIA made the priority of its development policy.


PRODIA is member of the French animal by- products industries Syndicate (SIFCO, EFPRA).  Bernard Lafay is SIFCO vice-president.