Privileged partner of slaughterhouses, cutting workshops and fish threading factories. PRODIA collects, sorts out and marks over each day 3 categories of  animal by- product for all species: Bovine, ovine, pig, fish, game and poultry

The activity is divided into 3 main lines:


    1)      Collection

Collected materials are some animals by product claimed healthy and good but unfit for human consumption.

It consists in 3 product categories following   European legislation N°1069/2009 from 21st October 2009

Wide range of products





Liver, lungs with /without trachea, beef pizzle, plasma, heart, kidney, blood, lung, udder, spleen

Pig breeding

Liver, heart, kidney, blood, lung with/without trachea, spleen, maw, stomach


Liver, heart, kidney, blood, lungs with/without trachea, lamb by product


Fish farming offal’s (head, bones, tail, skin).


Liver, heart, blood


blood, carcass, head


Liver, heart, viscera, carcasse, bone, head, skin, neck, leg


The collection is done with refrigerated trucks in order to maintain the products at a temperature equal or below 7°C following the agreement.

In order to guarantee the freshness of wet products activities,   we collect product several time a week. Our collection area is spread all over the French territory and more than 100 trucks drive each day in order to bring to Prodia transformation plans (located to Saint Amour 39, Fleury les Aubrais 45, Cuiseaux 71 and Saint Florence.) more than 2000 tons of raw materials.


2) Transformation

The transformation of raw materials collected consists essentially in stabilizing products that have been collected raw and need to be packed before being delivered to the final customer.

This transformation has to follow the customer’s specifications both in term of preparation of products and in term of packing and packaging.


2 ways of processing :


- The cold (fresh or frozen)

Fresh : fast cooling by tabularized exchanger of material by delivery of foodstuff maintained between 2° and 4° C.

Some customers request a fresh product delivery. In that case, Prodia's job consists in homogenizing the product (by grinding), or preparing a mix that follows the customers prescription and deliver the product directly “in bulk” to the customer. This requests an exemplary rigor in the respect of the cold chain and asks for a realization in tight flow in order to maintain products freshness.


Frozen : Fats and deep freezing of foodstuff in plate freezer for stabilization and the conservation in negative -18° C frozen room. 

Fleury les Aubrais, Cuiseaux and Saint Florence plants are specialized in this type of processing. Products processed this way are in general aimed to industries producer of wet pet foods.(tins..)


- Cooking

This allows the dehydration of the material and lead into the production of 2 important categories of products: the meal (rich in proteins, also call PAT Transform, Animal protein), fat. This transformation is the speciality of Saint Amour plant. The meals produced are in general aimed to dry pet food production (croquette...) the use of fat are various (see filiere heading).


3) The storage

PRODIA has 6 cold storage plants on the entire national territory. These represent more than 20000 tons of storage capacity at St Amour, the cooking plant has also about 1000 tons of storage capacity for protein and 1000 tons for fat.

This big storage capacities and their strategical positions enable PRODIA to be more reactive to costumer request.